Vocal Works



The Big Wash Cycle (with short spin) (Jo Shapcott)
for voice(s) and chamber orchestra, or ensemble, or keyboard [ca.25']

Chinese Gardens (Vikram Seth)
two versions: mezzo-soprano and guitar; tenor and guitar [ca. 12’]

English Folk Songs (anon.)
for voice and guitar [ca. 11’]

My Lute and I (Thomas Wyatt)
for tenor and guitar [ca. 25’]

Other Earths and Skies (Vikram Seth)
for tenor and oboe [ca. 11’]

Romantic Residues (Vikram Seth)
for tenor and harp [ca. 22’]

Seven Elements (Vikram Seth)
for tenor and piano, or string quartet, or harp [ca. 25’]

Songs in Time of War (Vikram Seth)
for tenor, violin, harp and guitar [ca.42']

Three Night Songs (Vikram Seth)
for tenor and guitar [ca.8']


Autumnal (John Donne)
for medium voice and guitar, or harp, or keyboard [ca. 4’]

Dark Night (Vikram Seth)
for voice and guitar, or string quartet, or harp, or keyboard [ca. 4½’]

From California (Vikram Seth)
for tenor, flute and harp [ca. 6’]

The Hermit on the Ice (Vikram Seth)
for tenor, violin (or oboe, or flute) and piano (or harp) [ca. 4’]

“HOPE” (a lullaby) (Emily Dickinson)
for medium voice and keyboard, or harp [ca. 4’]

Lights Out (Edward Thomas)
for tenor and guitar [ca. 4½’]