Javanese Gamelan

The Tempest
a version of the play by William Shakespeare for actors, dancers, chorus and Javanese gamelan [ca. 160+’]
the following excerpts may be performed as concert works
Dance for Ariel (Lancaran ‘Sea-sorrow’) [ca. 3’]
Come unto these Yellow Sands [ca. 4½’]
Full Fathom Five [ca. 5½’]
Wondrous Heavy [ca. 1½’ ]
Dance for Caliban [ca. 2’]
Marriage Blessing [ca. 4’]
Solemn Music (Ladrang ‘Sea-sorrow’) [ca. 2’]
Where the Bee Sucks [ca. 1½’]
Bubaran Tempest [ca. 2’]

Honeyed Thunder
for Javanese Gamelan (slendro/pelog) [ca. 12’]

Kingston Bells
for Javanese Gamelan (slendro) [ca. 3’]